Tips to Skyrocket Your Home Value

Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar, right? Well sometimes, the best way to increase the value of your home is to put in a little work and a little investment to make your property really shine. Whether it’s curb appeal or updating the finishes to your home, these are the 9 home renovations that our experts say will increase the value of your home! Some can even be done as a weekend project.

1. Landscaping

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Who doesn’t love curb appeal? Landscaping is a huge “must” when it comes to renovating to sell. You always get your money back on this investment. Our expert in realty and house flipping, Mehrnaz Baranriz, says, “I know a lot of people lately in Southern California are going for the desert landscape look, however, it needs to be done tastefully with colors. I recommend some grassy areas strategically placed for photos of the front of your home. The green stands out and makes a huge difference, visually.” Not sure where to start? Local garden centers often offer free design services.

2. Update the front door

A door to a house in Tajeda, Gran Canaria. Houses here are typically white, decorated with flowers. Tajeda is located on 1050m above the sea level and 44km from the island capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is a great place to enjoy your coffee or lunch with a view to the mountains. The nearby restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere, great service and fair prices.

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First impressions are so important, and the front door could be the thing that makes it or breaks it for a potential buyer. Walk up to your house and notice: what is the first thing you see? The door handle, the paint on the door, and as you enter you look down at the door frame… so if any of those things aren’t ideal, replace them. A modern front door can elevate the whole front of your house. A new, sturdy door handle and new lock feel good in your hand and also adds more security than an old doorknob. Think you need to replace the whole door? Try looking at fiberglass. On the list of upscale remodeling projects, a fiberglass entry door replacement recouped 85 percent of the cost.

3. Kitchen countertops

Countertops in a modern renovated kitchen

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Kitchen renovations are a clear choice, but sometimes people will go a bit overboard with them. While they are important when it comes to adding value, minor updates can do the trick. One such update is your kitchen countertops; not only to update the look and the materials but if possible, to add more counter space or an island to any open space. For reselling, keep your colors neutral (you can never go wrong with white). When it comes to countertop materials, always pick something sturdy. Our expert Mehrnaz says as of now, the most popular is the Calcutta quartz without rounded edges, and granite is no longer popular. When it comes to counters, just think geometric and simple!

4. Low-budget simple kitchen updates

View on clean white simple modern kitchen in scandinavian style, kitchen details, wooden table, sunflowers bouquet in vase on the table

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When planning a kitchen remodel it is really important to consider the cost of your materials versus the value of your home. Carefully consider if you’ll be able to recoup your costs on quartz countertops or all new appliances. If you’d rather stick to low-budget kitchen upgrades, there are plenty! Brighten up the kitchen by sanding (yes, sanding first is a must) and painting existing cabinets with a light neutral color (if you DIY, beware of drip marks). It’s much less expensive than buying new ones! Consider changing out your kitchen lighting for recessed lights, especially if your kitchen has fluorescent lights as many older homes do. Lastly, you can add decorator detail without the cost by changing drapes, adding window molding, and maybe replacing the cabinet pulls with more sleek, modern hardware.

5. Adding backsplash

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This is a great little secret home renovation that can transform the look and feel of your kitchen (or bathroom). Add some backsplash! Behind the sink, above your counters, or behind the stove, a panel of nice tile elevates the space and looks a lot better than the plain wall. You can easily do this yourself, too! If you’re re-doing the countertops, always make sure you go all the way up to the top when it comes to the backsplash. It keeps it clean and symmetrical to the eye. You may be able to get away with fun or colorful tile patterns for backsplash, but be cautious; when reselling, neutral colors and simple geometric shapes are far more appealing to potential buyers.

6. Bathroom renovations

Home repairs. A focused woman paints in white the entrance to the bathroom with a brush and can, which she holds in her hands. Close-up.

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Our expert Mehrnaz shared that bathroom renovations are one of her favorite ways to increase the value of your home. If you really want to update your bathroom to be on-trend, check out this blog we have on the hottest bathroom trends of 2021. In the master bathroom, you always want dual sinks and preferably a separate tub and shower. If it’s a higher-end home, you’ll want two toilets if possible as well as a separate vanity area. If you’re on a budget for your bathrooms, cabinets can be easily fixed up. Just like with the kitchen cabinet updates, sand and paint in a neutral color, and remember no drip marks! If your tub is looking a little dingy but is still a great-working bath, hire a professional to reglaze the tub and it will look brand new! Lastly, easy small adjustments like replacing your toilet seat and lid and replacing your mirrors make a huge difference. Mehrnaz says shops like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx are some of her favorites to find these replacement items, and that they also sell designer handles for your cabinets!

7. Improve your lighting

Luxury dining room with chandelier

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This tip is a big one if you live in a condo and it’s located on the lower floor, or if you live in an older home that just seems a bit dark inside. One thing that homeowners can do to increase the appeal of their property is open up the house to create more of a flow and enhance natural light, so if you’re able, knock down a wall to increase the natural light. Get rid of that old-school track lighting and replace it with recessed lights. No one prefers darkness! Mehrnaz also recommends removing the old-fashioned light fixtures we used to see back in the ’70s and replace them with recessed as well. In your dining area, if there is no opening for a chandelier then add one and make sure it is centered to your dining table.  Nothing speaks volumes better than a beautiful chandelier.

8. Window replacements

Worker in the installing new, windows in an house new window in the home renovation living energy efficiency

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Do windows really increase or decrease the value of your home? Our expert says yes. Potential buyers will notice your windows, and so do appraisers. Vinyl and wood windows have comparable recoup rates, but wood has a higher average cost, making vinyl a more appealing choice. If you’ve got a great view of the city or the mountains, then new windows are a must and will really pay off. For hot climates, there’s Low-E glass that reflects heat. And for maximum efficiency, add argon gas inside the pane to prevent heat and cold transference within the window.

9. Open up the space

Spacious Scandinavian style living room with white walls and striped carpet

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This is probably the most expensive and time-consuming option of all the renovations we mentioned, but totally worth it in most cases. Open up the space! Buyers love to see homes with wide-open rooms, vaulted ceilings, and a home that generally feels open and spacious. Any awkward little walls? Take a look at an estimate of how much it would be to knock it down. This also ties in with the above-mentioned tip about increasing the light in your home. But before picking up that sledgehammer, make sure you get some professionals involved to make sure it’s correctly planned and worth doing.

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